Terms & Conditions

Dear user,

Kindly read our T&C carefully before you are going to buy a product or getting services with us.

Buying a furniture

1. To buy products you have to give instructions on how you want to customize the product.

2. If you do not like the products after the customization by you, you will be responsible for that only. For this, you have to pay the charges to our carpenter.

3. If the carpenter is not able to customize the products as per your requirement, You will not be responsible for it and you not need to pay for it.

4. If the product is delivered to you and you find that it is not as per your requirements, our team will come to you and get to customize it as per your requirement, if it is still not as per your requirement, you can raise for return it.

5.  A product will return within 7 days only when it meets our T&C and privacy &policy criteria.


1. A carpenter will come to you within 24-48 hours.

2. It’s your responsibility to get a contract with him/her and send it to our WA. It is only for cross-verification. Or our team will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours after the contract.

3. You have to pay at least 10% -15%  of the deal done between us in 2 days. If not paid, the contract automatically get ends. And how many days work done you have to pay all.

4. You have to pay at least 400 INR per head, as per carpenter work to you every 3 days ( INR 1200  in 3 days). If It’s not paid, the contract gets to the end and you have to pay all as per work done.

5. If work is not done as per your requirement, money will be back to you only when our examiner comes to you and examine the work.

6. It is your responsibility that if work is not going on as per your requirement, tell us within 2 days, otherwise we will assume that the work is going good.