carpenter for home furniture is better than contractors

Should I Choose a Contractor or Carpenter for Home Furniture Making

It is one of the most frequently asked questions by new home buyers. There is no straight answer to this question and to properly answer this question we have to discuss a few things first. For now, if you have a budget of 2.5L choosing a carpenter will not be a good decision. But it will be useful if you are aware of the following before you make a decision. One thing is for sure, you will save a lot of money by hiring a carpenter for your home furniture making.

How can a carpenter finish home furniture at a low price?

The price of your interior and modular furniture is the total of the below elements.

  • Cost of the plywood (base material such as PVC or MDF)
  • Cost of the hardware (Like hinges, channels, and Kitchen baskets)
  • Factory cost to produce the laminate on plywood
  • Cost of the assembly

Factor cost is probably the most you have to bear so we will talk about the factory costs. A furniture carpenter can also do the lamination though. For more durability and long life, the laminates are pushed on plywood using big machines in the factories. Here the glue and quality of pressing determine the longevity of the wood. A carpenter for home furniture will do the entire pressing work manually at the workplace. Meanwhile, the factory charges an extra 15-20% of the total cost but a capable can lower the cost quite a lot by doing everything manually. With manual pressing, you may not have results like factories but manual pressing for the most part is enough. It is a good reason why a carpenter for home furniturequotes a marginal price. Small factors such as how efficiently he can utilize the mix and how he uses the materials also matter.

For hiring a carpenter for home furniture

Choosing a carpenter for home furniture and woodwork can be a difficult task so you have to be very careful. First, you must ensure the carpenter has provided a good finish in the previous projects.  You can ask your carpenter to utilize the factory to complete part of the work (to make the doors). Especially, when you need post-forming or 2mm edger banding, the carpenter will not be able complete the project without a factory. Consider the following so you do not hire the wrong carpenter:

  • Hire a carpenter who has done projects for your friends
  • Check the previous work that he or she has finished
  • Ask your carpenter for home furniture to complete with post forming and 2 mm edge banding to ensure the doors are factory finished.
  • Do some research and get all the accessories that the carpenter may want including a plain basket, thali basket, and cutlery basket.
  • Show him a design from the internet and tweak it if he can do the same.

 These are a few things you can ask your carpenter before hiring him for your dream job. Search for a contractor to do the modular furniture or home furniture. But for the most part, he will ask for more money including commissions so it’s better to hire a carpenter instead.

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