Rate Card

Prices of Particular Service (INR)

ServiceCharge (INR)
Wall/Door hanger149
Ceiling mounted Hanger Installation500
Bed Repair/Assemble
Bed legs/headboard repair199
storage Bed frame Assembly399
Hydraulic Bed Frame Assembly (2hours)399
Bunk bed frame assembly499
Bunk bed frame assembly (1hour)299
Hydraulic Bed Frame Assembly (1-1.5 hours)
Bed support repair299
Cupboard & Drawer (Repair/Install)
Handle installation/replacement
Channel replacement (one set)
Lock installation
Lock replacement
Cupboard hinge service (up to two)
Lock repair
Glass shelf installation
Channel repair (one set)
Wooden sliding door repair
Wooden self installation
Drilling & Hanging
Bath fittings installation (one unit)
Drill & hang (wall décor)
Bathroom mirror installation
Wooden shelf installation
Aldrop/peephole installation
Door repair & Installation
Main door installation899
Accessory Installation(any one)99
aldrop/peephole installation99
Wooden door installation549
Major door repair199
Digital or Electronic Lock installation549
Door lock installation499
Hinge installation199
Hinge installation (With door dismantling)249
Door lock repair149
Mesh grill Door installation349
Mesh grill Door replacement199
Overhead door closer installation249
Wall mounted door closer installation449
Wooden sliding door repair299
Furniture Assemble
Bed assembly349
Coffee table assembly199
Study table assembly249
Dining table assembly299
Dining chair assembly149
Shoe rack/book shelf assembly299
Shelving unit/cabinet assembly(3*7ft)449
Shelving unit/cabinet assembly(4*7ft)599
Utensils rack assembly249
Bed dismantle349
Furniture dismantle349
Storage Bed frame assembly399
Hydraulic bed frame assembly (2 hours)499
Bunk Bed frame assembly499
Hydraulic bed frame Dismantling(1-1.5 hours)299
Bunk Bed frame assembly (1 hour)299
Furniture Repairs
Bed Alignment (per unit)149
Plastic buffer installation99
Table/chair wheels fitting99
Chair Alignment (per unit)49
Door Alignment (per unit)99
Drawer Alignment (per unit)49
Additional curtain rod brackets (up-to 3)49
TV Management
TV installation (up to 48 inches)399
TV installation (more than 48 inches)499
TV uninstallation149
Window & Curtain Management
Curtain blinds measurement99
Curtain rod installation (two brackets)149
Shower curtain rod installation (two brackets)149
Motorized blinds fitting (up to 5ft)249
Non-Motorized blinds fitting (up to 5ft)149
Window AC frame installation399
Window closing (post AC removal)149
Window hinge installation (for four)149
Digital Locks Installation/Replacement
New Digital Locks Installation849
Digital lock Replacement399
Consultation At-Home
Material procurement Charges99
Others: 15 minutes99
AddOn Services
Curtain rod installation (two brackets)
Study table assembly299
Additional curtain rod brackets (upto 3)99
Shower curtain rod installation (two brackets)149
Somethings Else
Spare price99-449
Custom repair/Installation149
At home consultation for major work199
Other Services
Door Aligment (per unit)99
Drawer Alignment (per unit)49
Bed Alignment (per unit)149
Chari Alignment (per unit)59
Material procurement 69
Cupboard & Drawer Spares
Drawer Channel 12" Zinc plated-Affordable brand299
Drawer Channel 14" Zinc plated-Affordable brand399
Cabinet lock-long key lock-Premium brand299
Drawer channel 18" zince plated affordable brand499
Drawer channel 16" zinc plated affordable brand449
Zinc Drawer channel 400MM, 450MM, 500MM449
20" drawer channel549
Drawer Channel 10", 12" Zinc plated-Premium brand249
Drill & Hand Spares
8" Acrylic corner-premium brand399
Acrylic corner Set 3 pcs(8" 10" 12") premium699
Single soap holder (Steel)-premium brand99
10"-12" Acrylic corner-Premium brand499
SoapHolder+Glass for bruch (steel) premium299
Steel Shelf 12"199
Plastic shelf set of 3 corner mount699
Towel Ro/Holder-premium brand299
SS curtain Bracket 01 pair (2pcs)-premium brand149
SS curtain Bracket 05 pair (2pcs)-premium brand399
Aluminium Curtain Support pair (2pcs)-premium brand199
SS curtain support pair (2pcs)-premium brand399
SS canceal curtain support pair (2pcs)-premium99
5' Curtain Rod299
Door Parts
Kitchen Shocker spring (10/20KG)-Local299
Cabinet lock-long key lock-local brand199
Cy/KY door lock handle-Local brand649
Key hole (12-25 mm)-Gold/Silver SS-Local brand49
Door chain-Local brand149
Door Stopper (single Rod)-local brand149
Door lock body mortise (8inch)-KY/CY-local749
Plain door handle (6")-Gold-Local199
Door lock body mortise (10inch)-KY/CY-local799
Door lock body mortise 6" KY/Cy local649
Plain door handle (6")-SS-Local99
Door lock body mortise 10" CY-Local999
D-stopper-Local Brand99
Pye hinge-local brand249
(Door) Body latch (3.4") -Local brand199
Corner hinge-Local brand549
Wardrobe tower bolt pair-local brand199
Door Seal (30-36") Local brand199
Door Seal (42-48") Local brand249
Shelf button single hold/double hold local brand49
Corner hinge-Premium brand849
CY door lock handle- premium brand999
Door lock cylinder (1/2 side key)-premium brand499
Door Stopper (single Rod)-premium brand149
Door lock body mortise 10" CY-premium1549
Door lock bodyh mortis 6"- CY premium1249
Door lock bodyh mortis 10- CY premium(Doorset,Harrison)1299
Door lock bodyh mortis 10"- CY premium(Godrej,Hettich)1399
Door lock bodyh mortis 6"- KY premium(Doorset,Harrison)999
Door lock bodyh mortis 6"- KY premium(Godrej,hettich)1199
Door lock bodyh mortis 8"- CY premium1449
Door lock bodyh mortis 8"- KY premium999
Kitchen Shocker spring (10/20KG)-Premium549
Pye hinge-Premium brand (Hettich,Ozone)449
KY door lock handle Premium brand999
Aldrop Jazz 8",10" (2+1)-Premium brand399
Aldrop Jazz 12",10" (3+1)-Premium brand449
85Kg door closer Affordoble brand999
110 kg pelmet door closer-Affordable brand1449
SS door catcher-Affordable brand99
6",8" main door handle185-premium brand199
Handle set 8"999
Long handle with lock 1199
8" Handle set with cylindrical lock1299
Cylindrical door handle with lock1399
SS Door stopper Double affordable brand99
3" rubber door silencer- affordable brand49
Digital Locks Spares
Count Cylindricla lock with/out key (simple or comp)999
Brackets and Hinges Installation
SS hinges 3*12,4*1449
SS hinges 6*12149
SS hinges 4*1249
SS hinges 5*1299
Glass shelf bracket (6,8") local brand149
Glass shelf bracket (10") local brand199
Glass shelf bracket (12") local brand299

Prices of Custom Service in sqr ft (INR)

Product (Without Material)Service Charge (sqr ft) INR
Modular Kitchen199-799
TV Cabinet199-899
Wooden Door (main Door)250-999
Wooden Frame49-149
Window Door (wood)199-499
Window Door (Plywood)99-499
Door Build UPFixed Charge (INR)
Plywood Door (in Iron Frame)399
Plywood Door (in Iron Frame) One side laminate649
Plywood Door (in Iron Frame) Both side laminate849
Plywood Door (In Wooden Frame) 549
Plywood Door (In Wooden frame) with One side laminate799
Plywood Door (In Wooden frame) with both side laminate
Aluminium ProdcutsCharges ( sqr ft ) INR
Bathroom Aluminium door (with material)250-350
Aluminium Partition (with material)250-350
Window sliding Aluminium (with material)349-449
Window Door Aluminium (with material)249-349
Home Facinator
Wooden Sofa 5 Seat and Tea Table (with the material)45000-65000
Dining Table Wooden (with the material)34999-70000
Study/Office Table (with the material)2499-9999
Wooden Chair (with the material)2499-6999
Iron Material by Iron Man
Iron Frame99-199
Iron Gate99-199
Iron Frame99-199