Chair By FurnDay

Chair By FurnDay

We have made some awesome Chairs for our customers.

Take a look at one of them. If you think it is good, give us love or feedback for a better creation.

The beautiful chair is made for a beautiful person like you. This is an Eco-friendly chair made of wood by Furnday’s carpenter. This chair is made to feel luxurious when a person sits on it. and also feel Royal to you when a guest will see it. The chair mattress is so soft and when you sit on it, you feel so relaxed and comfortable.

If you talk about the wood then Sakhua and Sheesham are our priority woods. We use either Sakhua or Sheesham in every piece of furniture. Of course, it increases the price of every piece of furniture but we believe to give quality over quantity and price.

How does this chair make:

After taking a look, anyone can know this is made from wood but nobody can know how efforts and dedication are required to make even a single chair.
Carpenter comes to your home no matter if it’s raining, summer, or cold. Every day they will reach you and complete your work on time because for our carpenter customer is first.
To make the chair, they use, Hammer, Chisel, Screwdriver, nail set, etc. tools for this type of chair. Firstly they made the legs of the chair, To make it you need to require a Handle plane, caliper, Saw, etc. Firstly you need to cut the wood and make the piece as per your size. After it planes the pieces of wood and makes some holes in the wood to make the structure.
When it is completed, drive the nail using a hammer/screwdriver in the wood. During this don’t forget to use Fevicol (any gum). After that, you need to paint the chair and use a chair mattress to sit in it.
It is completed, But don’t forget it is briefly expressed here, If you want to see how it’s made watch our youtube channel and you will know how does it make.
For more information visit Happy to see you there.

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